Thanks to everyone who worked and or rode for the Charity Ride.

Now we’re getting ready for the Annual Spring Pace
Sunday, June 11

Get an application here:
2017 PHC Spring Pace


The Results are in!

Perfect day for the Fall Pace with perfect trails and great riders.

Thank you to everyone involved, workers and participants alike.

Get the final results here:
Fall Pace Results


On a side note:
We received this very nice letter from our overall winners Dave Loda and Lauren 

First I wanted to say a big thank you for putting together a wonderful Hunter Pace yesterday! The checkin was well organized, the trails clearly marked and the course had a challenging mixture of terrain - excellent riding!

We were team 11, the winners of the Hunt Division - thank you for the lovely plaque along with the blue ribbons. My pace partner, Lauren Kuss, unfortunately had to leave early and so missed the ribbon photo opportunity. She manages equine activities at Gypsy Trails and had to bring back several members who also rode the pace, as well as get back in time to give lessons.

I would like to request that she be in any pictures that you put out of the winners (I would feel a little silly being in a pic alone, as we were a team). I have included several pictures of the two of us to choose from  for your web page or other publications, please feel free to use whichever one you would like. Info is below:

Lauren Kuss
Stable Manager, Gypsy Trails, Carmel NY

Dave Loda
Stony Creek Stables, North Salem NY

Thank you again for a wonderful pace on such a perfect fall day! 

Our Congratulations to Dave and Lauren And Thank You for riding in our Pace.

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